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Labour Party: Cameron needs to stop misleading the public on his NHS plans - Healey

News   •   Feb 10, 2011 11:28 GMT

John Healey MP, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, has responded to the Prime Minister’s selective quoting from a speech he made recently to the Kings Fund by calling on David Cameron to come clean about his government’s plans for the NHS.

John Healey said:

"Just as the section of my speech from which David Cameron quoted concludes, I think the Tory-led government’s health plans are wrong for patients, wrong for our NHS and wrong for Britain.

"It’s one thing for the Prime Minister to misrepresent what I’ve said in a speech but quite another for him and his ministers to continue to mislead the British public about the Tory-led government’s plans for the NHS.

"They are acting dishonestly, not telling the full story about their planned shake up of the NHS while at the same time claiming support from patient groups and health professionals whose criticisms far outweigh what they welcome.

"David Cameron needs to come clean with the public about what lies in store for the NHS. His health plans are set to refocus the health service around profit-making activities of consortia and private companies at the cost of the improved patient care that we have seen over the past decade and more."

Mr Healey has written to the Prime Minister, asking for an explanation and apology for the comments made today in the House of Commons.