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Labour Party: Ed Miliband and Iain Gray's St Andrew's Day Message

News   •   Nov 30, 2010 10:55 GMT

Ed Miliband’s St Andrew’s Day Message:

"Today, we celebrate St Andrew’s Day, proud of Scotland’s rich heritage and the contributions made by Scots all over the world.

"Innovation and enterprise have long been a part of that heritage. From the steam engine to the telephone to Fleming’s discovery of penicillin, Scotland’s ingenuity has shaped the world’s progress. And Scottish creative talents, from Robert Burns to Carol Ann Duffy, have enriched the world’s culture beyond measure. So when we call for a more optimistic vision from Scotland’s Government, it is the lessons of Scottish history that we draw upon.

"Scotland’s national day presents an opportunity to reflect on current and past achievements and to look to the future with renewed hope. Over the coming year, I will spend time in Scotland discussing and debating that future. And in spite of these difficult times, I know the spirit and passion of the Scottish people will continue to inspire the world – in business, public service, culture, sport, and in communities everywhere. Scotland unites in that spirit this St Andrew’s Day, and I join with that celebration."

Ed Miliband’s St Andrew’s Day Message:

"Our national day is not only for those of us Scots at home but for all those who work and live abroad, as well as people of Scottish heritage the world over.

"While St Andrew’s Day is a celebration of our traditional culture it is important we recognise the modern country we are today, made up of Scots from so many diverse backgrounds and beliefs. 

"We can look back with pride on Scotland’s contribution to the world community in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, education, literature and sport. From it we can take inspiration for what we can contribute today and in the future."