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Labour Party: Ed Miliband Launches Labour Policy Review Groups Ed Miliband Launches Labour Policy Review Groups

News   •   Feb 07, 2011 11:39 GMT

Ed Miliband MP, Labour's Leader of the Opposition, today unveiled the details of several of the Labour Party's Policy Reviews. The process will look at how, as a country, we will address the looming threat that, for the first time in decades, the next generation could find life harder than the last.

Ed Miliband today spoke of his fear that the 'British Promise' that the next generation should do better than the last was at great risk. And he said that addressing that challenge would be at the very centre of Labour's policy review.

Today's details of the following Policy Reviews have been announced:

Andy Burnham MP will lead two Policy Reviews on education called “what do families want from good local schools?” and “what do children need to become successful adults?” They will consider how to empower parents, look at what influence and control they want over local schools and their own child’s education.

Tessa Jowell MP will lead a Policy Review entitled “Family life. What helps?” This Policy Review will have input from leading figures within the field including Justine Roberts, the co-founder of Mumsnet and Bob Reitemeier, the Chief Executive of The Children's Society, both in non-partisan roles.

Caroline Flint MP will lead the Policy Review on “how do we meet families aspirations for good housing and a good home?” This review will include evidence from a wide range of experts in housing including Tom Bloxham (Urban Splash), Peter Williams (Former Deputy of Council of Mortgage Lenders), Professor Steve Wilcox (Centre for Housing Policy, University of York) and Graham Watts (Chief Executive of the Construction Industry Council).

Ivan Lewis MP will lead a “talent, aspiration and growth: is Britain missing out?” Policy Review that will identify a range of factors to sustain UK’s competitive advantage. This will include looking into how to support new creative business start ups, ensure the creative industries are accessible to people from all sections of society and investigate how to identify and nurture talented children and young people from all social backgrounds.