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Labour Party: Free computers and broadband access

News   •   Jan 12, 2010 10:08 GMT

Labour’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has announced that 270,000 low income families will receive a free computer and free broadband access.

The announcement, backed by a £300m investment, come on the same day as further measures are discussed in Parliament, including a promise that all parents will be able to benefit from online reporting and increased one-to-one tuition for children falling behind,

While Labour is continuing to provide more opportunities for children and young people, the Conservatives continue to refuse to protect frontline services like schools. By refusing to back Labour’s school leaver’s guarantee of a place in education or training for every 16 and 17 year old who wants one, they risk consigning a generation to the scrap heap.

Gordon Brown said:

“As every family becomes a broadband family, every home will be linked to a school. For those finding it difficult to afford this, today I can announce the nationwide roll out of our home access programme to get laptops and broadband at home for almost 300,000 families. That promise is backed up by a £300 million investment that will see, by March next year, free laptops and broadband for 270,000 low income families across the country.

“We realise that for parents to influence and engage in the education of their children they need rich, varied and easily accessible information on the progress, behaviour and attendance of their children. That is why we have said that from 2010 all secondary schools – and from 2012 all primary schools – will guarantee reporting online to parents.”