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Labour Party: George Osborne’s £34 billion credibility gap – Darling

News   •   Jan 05, 2010 10:40 GMT

Over the last few years, hardly a week has gone by without the Tories making a promise on tax or spending.

No one has been keeping track of their promises, certainly not George Osborne. Until now.

The Labour Party has today published a factual account of the cost of the Conservatives’ promises. It exposes the credibility gap in the Tories pledges - £34bn of promises they cannot explain how they fund.


Until they explain how they will plug this £34bn gap in their list of promises, they cannot credibly say anything about what they’ll do on the deficit.

It is now time the Tories were straight with people - are these more promises they don’t intend to keep, like their ‘cast iron’ guarantees on Europe? Or what extra taxes or unannounced cuts to services are they planning?

Alistair Darling MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, said:

“The Tories have made over £45bn of promises, but can barely explain how they can pay for a quarter of this. This leaves them with a credibility gap of £34bn.

“These are not long forgotten promises from another time. All have been confirmed in the last two years. Most have been repeated in the last few months.

“You can’t fight an election on a nod and a wink; sometimes claiming you are committed to these promises, and when challenged claiming you are not.

“It’s now for them to say when and how they’ll be paid for. Or come clean and withdraw them.”