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Labour Party: New measures to increase social mobility

News   •   Jan 19, 2010 10:45 GMT

The Labour Government will implement virtually all of the 88 recommendations of the ‘Unleashing Aspiration’ report from the Panel on Fair Access to the Professions.

The measures will include an online National Internship Service for undergraduates, a guarantee for around 130,000 of the brightest young people from low-income backgrounds to benefit from assistance at secondary school and a new Social Mobility Commission to provide expert evidence on trends and policy on social mobility, and produce an annual report on progress made towards a fairer, more socially mobile society.

While Labour continues to make progress – through raising the education and training leaving age, expanding apprenticeships, introducing diplomas and other measures – the Conservatives’ opposition to those measures and planned cuts to tax credits poses a threat to the aspirations of people on modest and middle incomes.

Labour's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said:

“My mission is to ensure that all of Britain’s people, from every background, are given the opportunity to develop their talents and learn the skills which will transform their lives. And this social mobility must be rooted in our core value of fairness.

“In many ways society is already fairer. Six hundred thousand children have been lifted out of poverty, record numbers of our young people are going to university, one in three people of working age is a member of a profession, and the gender pay gap has narrowed.

“But we can't be a truly aspirational society if some people are still denied the chance to get on, and although we have raised the glass ceiling we have yet to break it. That is why our priority will be to remove all the barriers that are holding people back.”