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Labour Party: No painless way to cut science funding - McFadden

News   •   Sep 09, 2010 13:52 BST

Shadow Business Secretary, Pat McFadden MP commenting on Vince Cable’s speech on science and research today said:

“High quality research is a crucial building block of a successful economy.  It’s a myth to suggest that we are currently funding mediocre science research. It is world leading and the most recent Research Assessment Exercise shows that just two per cent of UK research fell below the standard of nationally recognised work.

“The allocation of science funding is very competitive and there is a rigorous quality assurance process in place through the research councils and the Research Assessment Exercise.

“There is no painless way to cut science funding and it would have been more honest for the Government to admit that their plans will inevitably have an impact on high quality research. What scientists deserve is certainty about the future.”