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Labour Party: One of the youngest Lib Dem PPCs joins the Labour Party

News   •   Nov 09, 2010 10:20 GMT

Andrew Lewin, one of the youngest Lib Dem PPC's in the May General Election (Hertford and Stortford) , who today defected to the Labour Party, said:

“After many years as a Lib Dem member, activist and one of the Party’s youngest PPC's at the last General Election, I have made the decision to join the Labour Party.  I have a passion for politics and I am joining Labour because of Ed Miliband's leadership. He has set a direction of travel that can appeal across the political spectrum, particularly to young people.

“I haven't wavered in my principles, but in government the Lib Dems have readily walked away from theirs.  The axing of the Future Jobs Fund and trebling of student fees are not just embarrassing u-turns, they are decisions that could harm both the social and economic future of the country.

“Lib Dems MPs have an opportunity this week to use their consciences and support Labour proposals calling for the Government to think again on their unfair housing benefits reforms. There is nothing liberal about cutting housing benefits from those who have been searching for a job for a year.”