Launch of a new Business Continuity Institute India Chapter

News   •   Feb 09, 2016 09:56 GMT

The Business Continuity Institute is delighted to announce that the board has just approved the formation of a new BCI India Chapter which becomes the 10th BCI chapter worldwide. The formation of this chapter builds on the work of the existing Indian BCI forums in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi, and will create new opportunities to raise the awareness of business continuity and resilience in the region.

The chapter informally has been working over the last year towards setting up existing forums and hosting knowledge sharing sessions. Now they have exciting plans for this year and the future, with a series of professional development and networking events, webinars, annual conference and an awareness raising programme around the importance of BCI certification for aspiring professionals.

R Vaidhyanathan (popularly known as RV) MBCI, President of the new BCI India Chapter, commented: “There can be no better time for the formal launch of the BCI India Chapter as the importance of BCM and visibility has been increasing since the recent Deluge in Chennai. We have been working hard to setup this chapter since late 2014 and now we are there. This is an exciting development and a step forward in the maturity of the BCM and BCI in India. I am delighted that the BCI is showing this commitment to the region which will allow us to really enhance the level of importance of BCM while sensitizing the leadership of organizations in different domains through various BCI activities in India. This will help in growing the number of BCI members who take their professional development seriously, thereby raising the standards of business continuity management and resilience in India. It may not be complete if I don't thank David West of the BCI, who has been with us to extend his support right through the journey and Vaidy Chandramouli AMBCI, Secretary of the BCI Chennai Forum, now the Secretary of the BCI India Chapter, for doing all the leg work and coordination.

BCI Membership Support Manager, David West CBCI, said: “This is a fantastic achievement by the BCI volunteers based in India and will really help to boost the BCI’s profile and the importance of BCM in the country. I am really looking forward to working with the chapter and helping to increase the level of support available to business continuity professionals in India.