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Leak hints Samsung Galaxy Note 3 coming in 3 display sizes

News   •   Jul 29, 2013 10:31 BST

A leak hints the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming in three various display sizes.

Indian logistics database Zauba is responsible for the leak, which Technology Blogs Simplified first spotted. It reports, “Earlier this morning there was news came from Korean Business Daily which states that Samsung Galaxy Note III(SM-N900) comes with 5.7 inch Display but this time an information came out directly from Indian logistics website which showed that Samsung Galaxy Note III display comes in three different sizes a 5.5 inch display model, 5.7 inch display model and 6.0 inch display model.”

The model numbers leaked on the website are the the SM-N900 (5.7-inch display), the SM-N900AI (5.7-inch display), the SM-N900P (5.7-inch display), the SM-N900V (5.7-inch display), the SM-N900A (6-inch display), the SM-N900T (6-inch display), the SM-N900S (unknown), and the SM-N900R4 (unknown).

The site adds, “So in all we may expect that this season will be of great surprises as according to previous rumors Flexible OLED,Super Amoled and LCD display will be used in Note III and it maybe possible that all these variants may comes with different sizes.”

Previous rumours suggest the Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled by Samsung on the 4th of September.

Will it be out of the ordinary for Samsung to release the Galaxy Note 3 in three different display sizes? No. When it released the Galaxy S4, other versions soon followed. So Samsung is likely to do the same with the Galaxy Note 3.

Will Samsung launch the Galaxy Note 3 in three different display sizes? Let us know what you think through a comment below.

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