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Leaked components suggest bronze iPhone 5S

News   •   Jun 05, 2013 12:49 BST

Leaked components of the upcoming iPhone 5S (for more on the iPhone 5S click here) have been seen a bronze tone. This suggests that Apple may launch a bronze iPhone, meaning they would deviate from their usual colours black and white.

The leak comes to us courtesy of Chinese-speaking site, iColorOS, which was then discovered by French-speaking site, (to visit website click here). The photos show components (SIM-tray, volume button, mute button, and lock button) of the iPhone 4S (for more on the iPhone 4S click here), the iPhone 5 (for more on the iPhone 5 click here), and the upcoming iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S’ components are coloured bronze. The rest are coloured the usual black or white.

If these iPhone 5S components are the real deal, this would suggest that Apple will be launching a bronze smartphone. However, it’s also possible that these components are fake. Unfortunately, there’s no way to confirm if these are the real deal or not since Apple has remained tight-lipped about its future devices.

Will Apple launch a bronze iPhone 5S? Share your opinion through a comment below.