Learn what to expect from the brand new iPhone 5

News   •   Jul 13, 2012 07:00 BST

The recent success of the iPhone 4S has raised expectations regarding the next incarnation of this model. Although Apple has not yet announced any confirmation about the iPhone 5, many Apple fans started to circulate rumours about the specs, features, and the official name of Apple’s brand new handset. Fortunately, the next iPhone will have a fresher look and very futuristic design. Many iPhone 5 deals providers are now getting ready for the flash flood of customers who anticipate the coming of the said handset. They hope that the launching will be this year and this will put a stop to the longing of all Apple fans.

Recently, the technical blueprints of iPhone 5 have leaked and the viral spread of the video continues. This gave the first indication that the company was looking into a larger device. Although iPhone 5 appears to be larger than the 4S, it does not appear to be any wider. The iPhone 5 will most likely be having a screen display with 16: 9-aspect ratio. This means that it would allow widescreen video and movies to play on the device without any black bars. So, it is as if borderless screen but not just for the sake of keeping up with the larger Android phones. Having a longer screen would also suggest that there are extra pixels for an extra row of app logos to squeeze in at the top.

People who have iPhone 4S contracts know that its operating system is supported by iOS 5. Henceforth, the iPhone 5 deals will most likely have the iOS 6, which is also already unveiled by Apple. One of its main features is the latest maps software which is now powered by the company itself rather than Google Maps. This version is more complete with more than 100 million businesses are listed in the app inclusive of the reviews ratings popping up when a user taps on each building. In addition to this, it is controlled through a turn-by-turn navigation to function as a sat-nav.

In spite of the early popularity that iPhone 5 receives, iPhone 4S is still ahead of the competition. This means that customers never lost interest in buying iPhone 4S contracts and will most probably remain loyal to it. Apart from the fabulous apps that every iPhone model features, the remarkable thing it can provide is to let people particularly Londoners identify local crime suspects at one click of a smartphone button. IPhone is one of the smartphones that has the capability to help people remain vigilant every time. For instance, the Scotland Yard had recently uploaded about 8, 000 images of suspects into the app, including the 3,000 offenders involved in the most recent London riot. It will be truly helpful to have this kind of app, so find and select iPhone 4 contracts that suit your needs. And in time, there would be a lot of iPhone 5 deals that can possibly provide more advanced apps relevant to the daily lives of the general public.