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Leasehold Advisory Service (National): New morning duty scheme at the London Office of the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT)

News   •   Sep 09, 2010 14:05 BST

The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) will from 21 September 2010 provide a morning duty scheme at the London Office of the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) at 10 Alfred Place London WC1E 7LR on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The LVT hears cases involving disputes relating to long residential leasehold properties, such as service charge disputes and disputes involving the costs relating to a residential leaseholder's right to extend their lease or the collective right to purchase the freehold of their building. These are the days set aside for pre-trial reviews. The aim of the duty scheme is to provide free legal advice. The scheme will be known as LEASE on Location - at the LVT.

The Chief Executive of LEASE, Anthony Essien, said "We have been looking to introduce such a scheme for some time and since moving to our new offices at Maple House, 149 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7BN, a short distance from the LVT offices, it has become viable to introduce a duty scheme without disrupting our main work of providing free initial legal advice on the law on long residential leasehold property. LEASE is always looking at ways to extend our services and to become more efficient and innovative in the way that we deliver our service to the public. As well as operating the duty scheme, which will be staffed by 2 qualified lawyers, we are extending our telephone help line so we will start taking calls from 9.00 am from Monday 16 September 2010."

The president of the LVT, Siobhan McGrath, said "We are often asked by applicants to provide legal advice on the merits of a case, but are unable to do so. The services provided by LEASE are invaluable not only to their clients who can receive free advice from specialist lawyers on what is a complex area of law but to the LVT in that it gives applicants and respondents who appear a realistic view of the merits of their case. This saves the LVT and the parties to a dispute time and money not to mention the stress involved in any legal process."

If telephone advice is required from LEASE, their number is 020 7383 9800. Written enquiries to LEASE can be made by post to the above address or by email to For a full list of services provided by LEASE visit their website at

Press contact: Nicholas Kissen 020 7383 9800


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