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Lesjöfors puts the spotlights on the German market

News   •   Mar 08, 2012 16:48 GMT

Lesjöfors sees great potential to grow in Germany. As part of an offensive effort in this market, a German version of the company's website is now launched. 

Lesjöfors has been present in the German market for several years. For automotive aftermarket, Lesjöfors is the leading supplier with an excellent sales performance. Towards the industry, Lesjöfors´ own sales force has worked for many years. In 2011, the presence was enhanced thanks to the acquisition of spring manufacturer Velleuer Springs and Pressings in Düsseldorf. This has led to a very strong position in the German market also towards the industry for Lesjöfors.

 German website gives better customer support
In order to increase the service level for customers in Germany, a German website is now launched. It provides access to valuable information about springs, pressings and gas springs and provides a solid base for Lesjöfors´ marketing activities.

 You can access the German web by clicking on the German flag in the upper right corner on www.lesjoforsab.com. Lesjöfors German subsidiary also has its own website www.lesjofors.de with local information and links to the corporate web site.