LG S310: Royalty among All Budget Feature Phones

News   •   Jul 16, 2012 07:00 BST

For mobile phone novices who value simple functionality, the LG S310 is a great choice. This phone from Korean brand LG is a simple feature phone that banks on its affordability, simple and classy design, and battery life with great stamina. This phone is the perfect item for people who value communication first more than anything else. Therefore, if you are on tight financial belt, but would like simple yet functional phone to use, look no further than the LG S310.

In spite of the absence of a 3G connection, which makes online activities slightly slower to load yet still more than satisfactory, undemanding consumers who doesn’t mind the absence of high end features that are all present on smartphones, the LG S310 is the way to go. Its exterior appearance is all in all very good and it compensates its lack of 3G capabilties with an expandable storage memory, and a decent camera with 3 megapixel lens. With its slim chrome casing and subtle lines, one can make a mistake for thinking that this is an expensive device. If there is one thing that LG is known for, it is making mobile phones that simply look stunning no matter how much they cost. As for the other devices with the same features, the LG S310can blow its competitions away just by its sleek look. Weighing only 86 grams, the LG S310is a small yet feels very sturdy and of a good quality and it does not give the impression that its metal-like plastic exterior can be easily scratched or broken even if dropped.

Stereotypically, budget phones can be identified according to the resolution and vividness of the screen. The LG S310 screen however is good, and deals well with pictures and videos. The screen provides a clean look for basic tasks, and high-detailed images are good also.

The basic of all the basics, the operating system of the LG S310 is quite simple. By basic, it means that you cannot expect the same speed and quality with Android, Apple or BlackBerry phones. Though enabled by Java apps, one can conduct social network browsing on Facebook and Twitter with this device and plenty of other day to day tasks.

LG has successfully crafted a handset that is both teasing and attractive to the eyes. A show stopper, people sometimes even stop just to stare at it thinking that is one expensive phone. Truly, not everything you see is what you get; this beautifully designed phone can be yours with a fraction of a cost when compared to other devices. In fact, it can effortlessly leapfrog other budget feature phones from other brands with no contest. Pat on the back to LG for creating the LG S310 which is a good gifting idea to an older or younger family member who is new to the sphere of mobile phones and are not yet ready for some serious, high-tech and complicated phones.