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Liquidmetal Material Could Feature On The New iPhone 6

News   •   Jul 21, 2013 15:14 BST

Many Apple fans across the globe may be awaiting the arrival of the iPhone 5S this year but many are already looking forward to the 2014 model which is tipped to be the iPhone 6.  This is due to the fact that the handset is set to boast an entirely new design and new reports have emerged that have suggested that this device may be constructed from a new type of material named Liquidmetal.  

Whereas the iPhone 5S is set to be an incremental update focusing on new features and software the iPhone 6 is set to be a completely new handset.  This week a patent has been discovered which suggest that the model may be the first ever smartphone to be made from the new Liquidmetal material.  The patent has been filed by Crucible Intellectual Properties and it is a joint venture between American manufacturer Apple and Liquidmetal Technologies.  The two companies actually agreed a licensing agreement way back in 2010 but since then very little has been heard about their plans until this new patent came to light.  It would suggest that Apple will be the first company to release a phone featuring this material which is a combination of different alloys that together have a similar atomic composition to glass.

The new iPhone 6 will not only benefit from eye catching looks if this new material is used but it will also have a number of benefits to the user.  Liquidmetal is incredibly durable and is also resistant to corrosion.  From a manufacturer's point of view the material is also very malleable which makes it ideal for use on a smartphone device.  There are concerns however over producing large amounts of the material as the stretching process that is used can weaken its durability.  The new patent that has been filed however does highlight how the correct amounts can be produced and stretched without it suffering from any weaknesses.  The development of this material has come too late for it to feature on the iPhone 5S which is set to launch this quarter but the iPhone 6 is a realistic handset where we could see its use implemented for the first time.  Discover fantastic Apple iPhone O2 offers here

We are expecting great things from the iPhone 6 and the potential use of the new Liquidmetal material is just one aspect of this model that will excite consumers across the globe.