Lomogram: Instagram for Windows Phones

News   •   Oct 18, 2012 07:00 BST

Instagram has been taking over the photographic world for the past year or so, and even has a cult following. The ability to tweak and doctor images on your smartphone on the move, after you’ve taken a picture allows every budding photographer to capture that smart image even with next to no skills. The templates and attitude that can be added to images is so good that other smartphone makers that don’t run on iOS or Android have decided to play the game too.

For the Windows Phone faithful there is an optional app that has almost all the goodies that Instagram has, called Lomogram. While it’s not as catchy as Instagram the photo editing app enables Windows Phone users to ‘adjust’ photos to their heart’s content. Lomogram has more than 120 different effects that can be used to add value to an image, as well as 33 filters, 57 lighting effects and 31 borders.

Unlike Instagram there is no community forum for Instagram yet but you can share your images via Twitter, VK, Tumblr and Facebook. That way your images are only shared with your friends and not some random people on a forum destined to judge. The filters and effects are said to add more drama and attitude to images, and aren’t as noticeable as Instagram – whereby all images simply look antiquated. In a cute addition the effects are named after people such as Martin, David, Betty and Albert rather than sunny or blurry.

So, those of you that are on Windows Phone can now have much of the benefits of Android and iOS users. It seems that Microsoft are really taking the fight to Google and Apple in a bid to steal some market share from them. However, the fight really begins when Samsung launch their Windows Phone, which will no doubt annoy Google as the firm also builds the Galaxy Nexus. However, the war between the smartphone makers and big wigs is going to rage on due to it being such a lucrative industry so spats and underhand treatment like this is going to happen.

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