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LTE-Advanced Connectivity Rumoured For The Apple iPhone 5S

News   •   Jul 07, 2013 20:39 BST

The Apple iPhone 5 remains one of the most popular smartphone models in the world, so it comes as no surprise that its success has led to plenty of speculation about the next instalment of the iPhone series.

Potential features of the next iPhone, rumoured to be the iPhone 5S have been a hot topic on the internet in recent months. Obviously, until Apple makes an official announcement of the device (which is rumoured to take place in September), we will not know for sure what specifications the device will sport. Recently, there has been news that Apple may include LTE-Advanced connectivity on its next iPhone, which is next generation mobile wireless standard, offering faster download speeds than the current 4G connection. The latest info on the iPhone 5S is available on our website, along with the best deals on iPhone 5 contracts.

Currently, the fastest means of downloading data over a cellular network is 4G LTE. This is still a relatively new connection type, and is yet to be implemented in a number of countries, but is rapidly being rolled out across many markets. LTE-Advanced has already been developed, but is only available in a handful of countries like South Korea. The connection type offers data download speeds of up to 150 MB per second, which is roughly twice as fast as 4G. Samsung recently announced a new version of its Galaxy S4 flagship model will be released with LTE-Advanced connectivity along with an upgraded Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset.

Recently, Apple Insider has reported that Apple has been in talks with SK Telecom, the South Korean network operator, regarding an LTE-Advanced iPhone model. The website has reported that Apple may be planning to launch such a device in the country, but it currently remains unclear whether this would be the rumoured iPhone 5S or a separate version of the iPhone 5. The website has reported that an executive from SK Telecom has stated that there is no reason for Apple not to release such a phone, hinting that by the infrastructure and demand is already there.

Launching such a device would certainly give Apple a competitive advantage in South Korea, and any other markets where such a phone could be released. If we hear of any further news regarding this device, we will of course keep you posted.