News   •   Nov 17, 2016 10:44 GMT

You are flying abroad : your Luftikid will be installed in the taxi on the way to the airport; your child will carry it in the bag to the airplane where it will be inflated again, and so on. Luftikid is the only children’ seat approved for both car and airplane use. When travelling abroad with a hired car, no traditional safety chair will have to be rented (Luftikid purchasing’ cost is equivalent to 4 to 12 days traditional chair’ rental.

It will even fit in private planes its anti-depressurizing gauge has been designed for airplane usage.

Easy to store, folded in its bag, it takes little space (25 x 35 cm), weighs less than one kg (2 lbs.); inflated in less than a minute it can quasi instantly be deflated.

Many good reasons to have its own Luftikid.

Luftikid was not designed as a standard inflatable buoy equipment; high level materials and manufacturing processes were selected per the specifications, for obtaining the label :

  • High resistance materials: it is made of polyurethane injected nylon, is fire-proof (an additional protection in case of accident), and made per the military and aeronautical norms.
  • Watertight due to the very high frequency welding process (2 years warranty)
  • Manufacturing processes approved and controlled by a specialized laboratory
  • Luftikid is certified per the European norm ECE 44/04 ; transposition to USA norms pending.
  • Luftikid passed successfully the automotive and aviation crash tests
  • Luftikid is delivered in a protective bag easy for transportation also containing the two-stroke pump for a quick inflation.  

The Luftikid kit includes four parts :

  • A 25 x 35 cm bagfor storing and protecting all components. With a total of less than one kilogramme (some 2 lbs), a child can carry it himself.
  • The dedicated double-stroke pumpfor an easy and quick inflation.
  • The arch for the very young children : as it might only be an occasional use it is usually stored in the bottom of the bag.
  • The Luftikid: folded, it will be rolled and placed into the bag with the pump fitting in the center of it. 

All of this, and the fact it is being produced in small quantities, explains a relatively high selling price: 149 € ex-works and before tax.

Within the Kickstarter campaign, we are according a significant rebate as we offer from it from 99 € ex-works and before tax.

The Luftikid was initially invented and patented by a German engineer, grand-father himself and sensitive to the product’ quality. He retired after having spent 1 million € in designing and testing it. Pierre Depireux took it over and promised him to open the way a second and broad life to this product. Pierre has developed the mentioned improvements and has obtained the certifications.

Nevertheless launching a significant production campaign requires money.

We hope and expect Kickstarter will bring us:

  • Open minded people sensible to children safety and comfort but bothered having at moving heavy traditional children safety chairs,
  • Numerous buyers in peak sectors like business aviation, car rental, taxis, Uber, car sharing, classic cars … : it is possible to order a 6 or 12 pack for testing on a fleet
  • Regional or national import companies as well as specialized distributors where conventional solutions are not adequate (old timers, sport cars, very compact cars, shared cars, …) 

Please go on Kickstarter  LUFTIKID ON KICKSTARTER and buy a Luftikid.