Major interest in ComAround Zero™ among companies and organisations

News   •   Dec 19, 2013 14:09 GMT

11 months of the year have passed, and we can confirm that our new web-based self-service solution, ComAround Zero™, has been very well received in both Sweden and Norway. As the service has become more mature, more companies and organisations have recognised its benefits and chosen to make the move to ComAround Zero™.

So far, 100 companies and organisations in Sweden and Norway have chosen to migrate to ComAround Zero™, an average of just over two new customers a week over the year. These include ABB, Nynas, Boliden, Folkuniversitetet, the City of Malmö, Boliden, Mälardalen University, Felleskjøpet Agri and Selvaag Gruppen.

“Most customers made the move to Zero in October and November. We expect it to continue to increase for another six months,” explains Per Strand, one of the founders and Vice President of ComAround.

More than 30 municipalities have so far launched ComAround Zero™ for their users. These include the municipalities of Uppsala, Botkyrka, Halmstad, Ystad, Danderyd and Hedemora in Sweden, and Ås Municipality and Oppland County Municipality in Norway.

“Several major international companies have also chosen to sign multiannual agreements with us during the year,” explains Per Strand. “They’ve chosen to support their workforce worldwide, with up to 50,000 employees in more than 100 countries. This feels like solid proof that the concept and the service satisfy significant professional needs,” believes Per Strand.

The development of ComAround Zero™ is fluid, with new functions and improvements all the time. During the year the focus has been on not only high performance with speed and high availability, but also the mobile interface, rapid search paths and individual adaptation. The content is also being topped up with guides for more programs and digital devices. More exciting new products will be launched in the next few weeks.

“During the next year we look forward to continuing to develop Zero; we have an overall commitment to create a ‘wow’ effect and to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations,” explains Per Strand. “Now that the basic functionality and stability are in place, it feels really great to be able to see this becoming a reality.”

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