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Male version of Siri to be available with iOS 7

News   •   Jun 11, 2013 18:25 BST

We all knew Siri as the female virtual assistant with an attitude, first experienced on the iPhone 4S (more on the Apple iPhone 4S here). Once iOS 7 rolls out, Siri will have a male version.

Apple revealed this when it announced iOS 7. It announced in a press release (view press release here), “Siri sounds better than ever with new male and female voices and includes Twitter search integration, so you can ask Siri what people are saying on Twitter. Siri also now has Wikipedia integration, providing access to the world’s most popular Internet reference site. Siri offers Bing web search within the app and the ability to change device settings and play back voicemail.”

This is not the only improvement the Cupertino firm has made to Siri. Apple details everything on its website (see website here). It explains, “Siri in iOS 7 gets a new look, a new sound, and new capabilities. It features a redesigned interface that fades into view — on top of whatever’s on your screen. A more natural speech pattern — in a new female or male voice — is even easier to understand. Siri is faster at answering questions and checks more sources, such as Bing, Wikipedia, and Twitter. And it takes on extra tasks, like returning calls, playing voicemail, controlling iTunes Radio, and more.”

iOS 7 will be rolling out to iPhones and iPads in fall. This is when we will get to experience the male version of the personal assistant.