Managing Your Information Asset

News   •   May 22, 2016 13:28 BST

Managing Your Information Asset
(previously entitled Defining & Executing Your Information Strategy)

Three One Day Workshops on Information Strategy, Information Governance and MDM
Speaker: Jan Henderyckx
21-23 September 2016, London

Do you recognise that information is a business asset but do you struggle to set up the proper roles, processes and architectural principles to manage the information asset? This workshop will teach you how you can turn your organisation around and make it information centric delivering on the promise of accurate and trusted business information that supports compliance and boosts innovation. This workshop is made up of three 1-day workshops:

Day 1: Establishing a Sustainable (BIG) Information Strategy

Day 2: Information Governance: From Definition to Execution

Day 3: Master and Reference Data Management

Delegates can register for 1, 2 or 3 days.