Maximising Samsung S4 Battery life

News   •   Jul 21, 2013 07:15 BST

Samsung’s luck is not running low because the company scored another success with the release of its Samsung Galaxy S4.

The smartphone’s shelves are always empty in different regions of the world credit that to one of its bonuses, it has a removable battery. It is an advantage if you are an extreme mobile phone user. Why? Simply because you can always change the battery if it drains out. There is  a video that is out explaining how you can maximize your Samsung Galaxy’s battery. This video is very informative if you happen to be a Samsung S4 user.

With its removable battery, Samsung lovers always have an option of carrying an extra battery for their use but of course not everyone liked the idea. It is best for everyone to know how to make the most out of their smartphones battery and this is where this video can be helpful.

The video explains and give some useful tips unknown to many making this 5 minute video worth watching. It generally covers how to best use the battery and it also gives some ideas that are exclusively for the Galaxy S4 deals. The video also inform readers how the many widgets on the home screen can affect the battery. It is advised to use few widgets if possible. Shutting off some extra features and not using the live wallpapers can also help you in conserving your phone’s battery life. The video also discusses the power saving mode and explains how much power can be used when using the display. The video is really a good source of information and gives clear and informative explanation on how to maximize the battery of the S4.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S4 user, have you seen the video about how to maximize its battery life. Share your comments and let other Samsung Galaxy S4 users know what you think. Keep them coming to inform others too.