Mini Samsung Galaxy S3 to be Released

News   •   Oct 11, 2012 13:00 BST

Samsung has shocked the world with the super-popular Galaxy S3 smartphone and now looks to give it a tweak for those that love smaller-screened phones with the new mini Galaxy S3. It is rumoured to have the 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system from Android upon its launch, which is great news as it’s been utterly brilliant since being overlaid on top of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The features that have been released at events and press conferences have been that it will have a 4” WVGA Super AMOLED screen that runs at 800 x 400 resolution. It is obviously much lower than the regular SG3 but for those that want to save a little bit of cash and have nearly all the gizmos and gadgets of the Galaxy S3 then the mini version is still very good. At the heart of the mini Galaxy S3 will be a dual core processor called the STE U8420 which will run at 1GHz. It will feature 16GB of built-in memory and have the ability to take a 32Gb microSD card. It will use 1GB RAM to run the device, which is often thought as plenty for a smartphone, and it will have a 5MP camera on the rear and a VGA front-facing one.

Although it’s lighter, smaller and slower than the Samsung Galaxy S3, the mini will be pitched at a much lower price point as it essentially runs on technology that is 6 months + old. It’s going to set you back around £350 at the launch, although at Mobile Phone Checker you will be able to find the best Samsung Galaxy S3 mini deals by comparing a raft of retailers in the UK. The 1500mAh battery will be very good at lasting a long time, even with a tonne of abuse, and it will feature Near Field Communication. This means that although it’s cheaper and slower than the larger sister phone, it will have some impressive gadgets and technology that will mean you won’t feel left out.

The touch button design will change for the mini Samsung Galaxy S3 so that it’s easier to use as a smaller device and you won’t cover the camera lens when holding it. The total size is 121.55 x 62.95 x 9.85mm which is obviously a great deal smaller and shorter than the regular Samsung Galaxy S3, but it does mean that it’s not a big bulge in your handbag or as visible in your pocket. Most people don’t really need a tablet-sized smartphone for everyday use and may even have a tablet for other duties, but for commuting and using every day the new mini Samsung Galaxy S3 will suffice for many people, even if it’s just because of the price.

As it’s being launched soon it will compete with the latest LG Nexus 7 from Google and LG, as well as the iPhone 5 in some respects and cheaper models from HTC and Motorola. Of course, it’s your choice but remember to compare the prices first before buying.