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More Information Emerges On The Launch Of The HTC One Max

News   •   Jul 21, 2013 12:02 BST

2012 was not a great year for Taiwanese manufacturers HTC but 2013 has been a big improvement thanks to the release of the HTC One, a model that has proved a big success across the globe.  HTC have recently released a new Mini version of this device and soon we are set to welcome a third variant in the shape of the HTC One Max, a large screened model.  New details have emerged relating to the release and specification of this eagerly anticipated model.

It looks as though we could be set to welcome the new HTC One Max very soon if new reports are anything to go by.  Mobile Geeks have reported that insider source have revealed to them that HTC will be looking to launch this new phone during the third quarter with September tipped as the month when we will see the handset make an appearance.  It has been said that HTC are keen to unveil the model ahead of the rival Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device.  This model is set to be launched early in September which may suggest that the new One Max may even be given a launch during the latter part of August.  This would give HTC a head start over their main rivals.

More information has also emerged on the type of specification that we can expect from the new HTC One Max.  It is pretty certain that the model will boast the same premium design as the original HTC One but the big attraction for many consumers will be the new large screened display.  This is set to measure 5.9 inches in size and as you would expect offer 1080P resolution.  HTC are also set to include the new Snapdragon 800 processor inside the phone, complete with quad cores and a clock speed of 2.3Ghz.  As yet it is unclear whether the phone will come complete with a stylus.  HTC have used such technology before on their HTC Flyer tablet device and are likely to be keen to use it once again as it is a feature also tipped to feature on the rival Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handset.  Visit our website for the best HTC One deals

The HTC One handset is continuing to sell well globally and the Taiwanese manufacturers will be hoping that both the new One Mini and the forthcoming One Max models can capitalise on the popularity of this superb handset.