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More Leaked Images Suggest Multiple iPhone 5S Colour Options

News   •   Jul 05, 2013 14:20 BST

When it comes to high end smartphones, the Apple iPhone 5 now faces increasingly impressive competition from manufacturers such as Samsung. However, the iPhone 5 continues to be one of the top selling smartphone models in the world. Naturally, the ongoing success of the iPhone 5, coupled with the fact that it has now been on the market for quite a while has led to speculation about the next instalment of the iPhone series.

Apple's biggest rival is Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer is officially the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, with much of its market share owed to its flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices, but also due to high sales of its budget Android phones which are popular in numerous countries. Of course, Apple does not produce any such devices, but there have been rumours that Apple is working on releasing a more affordable iPhone to compete in this sector of the smartphone market.

Rumours of a budget iPhone model, believed to be the iPhone Light have been a hot topic in recent months. A number of leaked images of handsets purported to be the iPhone Light have appeared online recently, and Mashable has reported on the latest set. The images show three iPhone Light handsets in yellow, red and green colour options. This backs up previous claims that the iPhone Light will be launched in several colour variants. Furthermore, the phones appear to sport a plastic rear panel and the same design as previously leaked images of a purported iPhone Light handset in a blue colour scheme. Visit our website for the latest iPhone 5S rumours, and cheap iPhone 5 offers from UK networks.

Because Apple is yet to officially announce the device, it remains unconfirmed whether this will be the iPhone 5S or a separate model. However, there are rumours that the next iPhone models have already entered production, and these leaked images certainly seem to back up these claims. Coupled with expectations of a September announcement, this would suggest that the device will be released in Q3.

The next iPhone is of course a hot topic so we expect to hear much for news and rumours in the coming weeks so we will be sure to keep you posted when we hear of any further details.