Motorists Should Get 6 Points For Using Smartphones

News   •   May 01, 2012 13:00 BST

The Metropolitan Police are calling for motorists to get 6 penalty points on their license for using their smartphones while driving. With more and more accidents caused by people using their phones while driving, and not just from calls but texting, messaging and using apps, it’s no wonder the police are so vexed.

At the moment a frankly weak £60 fine is something that does not put people off using their phone while driving, and with the new law that could be introduced it would mean that people would lose their driving license if they did it twice in three years. As more people in the UK rely on their license for working and travelling, it should be much more of a deterrent. At the moment, there is only really the iPhone 4S that can stop people from handling their phone while driving. Siri, the virtual personal assistant can be commanded by voice to perform a myriad of tasks. If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel and need to use your phone, but stopping would cause you to waste a lot of time, the perhaps it’s time to buy a new mobile phone contract for an iPhone 4S?

Over a period of 12 months, up until October 2011, there were 171,000 penalty notices and fines for people using their mobile phone while driving. Since 2006, the figures haven’t varied too much but it is on the rise by at least 4,000 fines and is set to get worse. This is why the Met want a much harsher fine imposed as people simply do not feel that driving and using their phone is a danger to others.

Here at Mobile Phone Checker, we have some fantastic cheap mobile phone contracts as well as PAYG SIM cards for people, but we want people to be safe while they use their phones. If you find that you need to use your phone while you’re travelling then pull over somewhere safe or use a hands-free kit or use Siri on your iPhone 4S. You might not realise just how important your driving license is at the moment, but you certainly will if it was taken away from you. Not only will you pay more for insurance for the next five years with penalty points on your license, but there is a risk of you being banned for 12 months if you pass 12 points on your license.

As the fines are being upped from £60 to £80-100 this year, the move is already underway and adding more penalty points will make the fine even harsher. Here at Mobile Phone Checker, we want all of our customers to be responsible when using their smartphone, whether it’s a Galaxy S or a Nokia Lumia 800, as we care about each customer equally.

To stay above the law and keep your driving license, choose a new smartphone from our mobile phone contract comparison site and pick one that has the capability for hands-free kits or voice commands so you can keep your driving license safe.