Motorola Droid RAZR HD Takes on the Galaxy S3

News   •   Aug 01, 2012 07:00 BST

The sales figures for the Samsung Galaxy S3 are completely through the roof, with it trumping the S2 in the first two months of its launch. With more than 10 million handsets shipping in the first 7 weeks of it being for sale it makes it the most popular smartphone ever made. However, Motorola refuses to lie down and let that be the case. The firm is on the move to bring back the RAZR name with the new RAZR HD.

It’s a big ask for Motorola to come back out of the woodwork and try and turn customers to the new phone, but when you hear the specification list you can be assured that you’re going to give it a second glance. With so much on offer even the Samsung Galaxy SIII cannot keep up. It’s set to be the shock release of the year and could even hamper the iPhone 5 sales when that is released in September.

Firstly, the Galaxy S3 was always going to sell in the millions thanks to the successes of the S2, S1 and Note, but with physical buttons it looks a little dated already compared to the flush-screen of the Droid RAZR HD that relies solely on on-screen virtual buttons. The idea for the RAZR was to make it future-proof and have technology that simply will not run out after a few years. It will run on Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich – again, a future-proof operating system which is a ‘new’ style of system even though it’s already been slightly tweaked with the Jelly Bean 4.1.

The Kevlar back plate of the RAZR is a little cooler and classier than the plastic S3, with Kevlar being one of the strongest types of reinforced plastic out there. This will help it from drops and make it more durable and sturdy without adding the weight of glass like an iPhone. It has a 3,300mAh battery, which is mighty compared to the 2,100mAh of the Galaxy and despite it having a smaller screen it’s perfectly capable of watching videos and browsing the net easily.

Running Blur instead of TouchWiz of the Galaxy – a system that is often mistaken for Gingerbread, the RAZR will have a more HD feel to everything you do rather than quirky, cartoon-like aspects. Coupled with Ice Cream Sandwich, it’s a duo that were almost made for each other. If you take a look deeper you’ll see the 13MP camera trumps the Galaxy’s 8MP one, and there is a upgraded resolution too which shows the images and videos in a better way.

So, will you throw away your Samsung tendencies and buy a Motorola RAZR HD? Not likely if you’re one of the 10+ million people that bought the S3 off the bat, but if you’re waiting for the iPhone 5 and don’t want a brand stretching SIII then the Droid RAZR HD is a remarkable effort from the company that we thought were down and out just a few years ago. Of course, Mobile Phone Checker is the best place to compare mobile phone contracts between the best retailers and handsets in the UK, so check it out today.