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Motorola looks to patent flexible screen on smartwatch

News   •   Dec 21, 2013 18:30 GMT

Motorola is looking to patent a flexible smartwatch with a flexible screen and band, its patent application suggests. The screen and band will be flexible enough, allowing it to wrap around your wrist like a watch.

The patent application was filed at USPTO (US Patent & Trademark Office). The application’s description is, “ELECTRONIC DEVICE AND METHOD WITH FLEXIBLE DISPLAY.” Motorola goes on to say, “An electronic device (200) and method (300) with flexible display is disclosed. The method (300) can include: providing (310) a flexible chassis module including a front portion having a channel and a rear portion; inserting (320) a display module in the channel; and coupling (33)0) an electronics module to the rear portion of the flexible chassis module. This method allows flexing of an electronic device with a flexible display for curved viewing, if desired, or bending with minimal stress.”

Will this device see the light of day? Well, tech companies patent a number of inventions. However, a lot of them never make it to the consumer. However, the competition has released their versions of smartwatches – Sony has released the SmartWatch and Samsung has released the Galaxy Gear. Apple is reportedly cooking up the iWatch. The question is, will Motorola release a smartwatch as well? We’d actually be surprised if they didn’t.

Is Motorola planning to launch its own smartwatch? Will it flexible just like the patent application suggests? Let us know what you think through a comment below.