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Motorola Moto X coming this summer, Motorola CEO says

News   •   Jun 03, 2013 11:03 BST

Samsung has released new smartphones, so has HTC and Sony. Now what about Motorola? Sadly, the last smartphones released by the company were the RAZR HD and RAZR i. According to the company’s CEO, Dennis Woodside, we will be seeing new smartphones this summer, including the rumoured Moto X.

According to AllThingsD, the CEO said at the D11 conference, “We'll launch a handful of smart phones that aren't the end, but show where the company is heading.”

He even claimed that the rumoured smartphone was in his pocket. He said, “It’s in my pocket, but I can’t show it to you.”

Boasting about what the handset had to offer, he said, “It allows you to interact with it in very different ways than you can with other devices.”

He adds, “Motorola has come up with two processors that allow you to do those things" without knackering your battery life.”

Trying to diffuse fears of Google giving Motorola referred treatment after the search giant purchased the phone maker, Woodside said, “We are treated as a separate company.”

What new things should we expect? Woodside said, “I sat down with [Google CEO] Larry Page about what we are going to do. We will take it back to the roots of innovation and build devices that have the potential to change people's lives.”

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