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Motorola Moto X seen being used by Eric Schmidt – looks like Google Nexus 4

News   •   Jul 16, 2013 15:01 BST

We’re sure you’ve seen a number of leaks on the internet regarding the rumoured Motorola Moto X. Now the handset has been seen being used by Google’s Chairman himself, Eric Schmidt. It appears that the handset looks a lot like the Nexus 4., an Italian-speaking site, posted the photos and was first seen by The Verge. The Verge reports, “Google chairman Eric Schmidt took part in the annual Allen & Co. business conference yesterday — and took the time to show off Motorola's latest hardware. Italian site has posted photos showing Schmidt placing a call and generally playing around with the unreleased but heavily-leaked Moto X smartphone. Schmidt showed off a model with a white back and prominent Motorola logo, but it looks like the front is all black — similar to the recently-released white Nexus 4 and previous white Nexus models. The phone also appears to be extremely thin on the left and right edges but thicker in the middle — it's a style we haven't seen on a lot of phones and should help the Moto X stand out a bit. The photos also give us a better look at the textures on the Moto X's back, something we've seen in a number of past leaks.”

If you are expecting the Moto X to be as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S4, you’ll be disappointed. Previous rumours claim that Motorola has chosen to enhance software rather than hardware.

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