Mrs Victoria Beckham makes a comeback!

News   •   Oct 29, 2010 22:19 BST

When you hear Victoria Beckham, what first comes to mind? Spice Girls, football, incredibly skinny? Well for the past two years, fashion designer has also been part of Victoria Beckham’s résumé, and this season’s collection is a true show of her creative ability.
Making their debut on and stocked in a few select stores, Victoria completely renamed each collection, as well as created two artistic, chic short films and completely redesigned her website in time with the launch of her fashion line, and her Autumn/Winter range this year is no disappointment.

Using a range of fabrics and dress cuts, Victoria has created a chic, modern collection of dresses with a unique sense of elegance to each piece. The dresses are notably all designed to really show off the female figure, pulling in close at the waist to emphasis the feminine curves of the waistline and hips, often using a belt round the middle to break up the overall colour of the dress, making it much easier on the eye.

One of the most notable pieces from the A/W2010 collection is the floor length trench coat, though less like a manly outdoor coat, and more showing a brilliant combination of ball gown meets the Matrix. The coat holds a subtle balance between elegant female, and assassin confidence, the perfect coat for an independent city girl, with its soft flow of shimmery beige fabric held in place by strong, straight seams.

For those of you who dream of the 50’s style dress, Victoria has created the perfect outfit for you. With a chic black finish and high neckline, this flare skirted black number is a hark back to the classic 50’s look, but now combined with the modern square cut neckline to create a glamorous expression of feminine meets city life. The mid thigh cut of the skirt gives the wearer a great opportunity to show off their legs, whilst also emphasising the shape of any waistline, giving a real appearance of a narrow waist, without the pain of needing a corset.

The collection also looks to the Ancient Greek period in some of the designs, mainly the classic toga dress drapery style, using a varying range of reds, navy blues, and pearl coloured fabrics to give this timeless style a new edge. The gentle flow of the draped fabric around the shoulders and legs gives this clingy dress a much softer touch, and the creative use of the geometric swirl of purple dots around the middle and twisting round the body gives a real sense of shape to the structure of the outfit.

The collection as a whole is extremely imaginative, without being too extreme to be unbearable in public. If you have the money to splash out on some designer dresses, then definitely give Victoria’s range a look, there’s certainly going to be a dress to suit you, and will be so unique you can guarantee no one else will have one like it!