Network Checker services captured the attention of Microsoft, Dell, and Symantec

News   •   Jul 17, 2012 13:00 BST

Network checker is known for providing small businesses with turnkey proactive support. The company is dedicated to take their networks personally by assigning a single network administrator to every client for keeping them on track of the project. The company has a formidable work force, with a group of Microsoft and Cisco certified technicians to deliver effective services and provide clients information coming from their in-depth knowledge in technology. For many years now, Network Checker has been teaming up with Symantec, Dell, and Microsoft to better produce more efficient and complete desktop to internet solution.

Founded in 2001, Network Checker has always been on a mission to provide their clients with exclusive access to a group of seasoned IT experts. With that, they are able to deliver full computer management support for small business. The best thing about the company is that each employee is guided with core values that serve instrumental to continued success of Network Checker in the industry. Each of them is dedicated to help clients through rough times and serve them with customised solutions to meet their needs. Of course, in this field, it is crucial to have a team of IT professionals who are knowledgeable and trained enough to know the ways of the business. That is why Network Checker is dedicated to promote education and continuous development regarding the latest updates in technology.

What can Network Checker do for you? The company takes their time learn from their clients to come out with an effective assessment planning and budgeting. When meeting up with a client, a representative will discuss with them some of the possible scenarios to improve their operations towards success. In this way, they can develop goals necessary for the budgeting process and to provide the client an IT blueprint for their possible success.

Since Network Checker partnered with Dell, this allows them to sell majority of the Dell’s products and made even more affordable. The company understands how tough market conditions right now, and so they felt the need to help clients achieve branded electronic devices at pocket-friendly prices. Plus, they also provide good discounts to clients for preschedule recurring hours. These hours are used to keep the client’s software and hardware updated. And, to monitor and handle activity on the network in order to secure that the backups are functioning properly. Once the network checking is done, the staff will keep the data and files for a monthly report and test restoration procedures. This process is necessary to ensure that the data are recoverable in case any problem might occur.

Beyond network checking, Network Checker employs bench tech to maintain costs low for initial configuration of workstations. The recovery from the hardware failure utilizing imaging software is already planned before starting the initial development. In this way, the company can keep clients well-positioned and safe from any disaster, creating a positive production environment. Of course, these services would be possible if not for the talented and highly skilled IT professionals of Network Checker. It seemed that the company remains faithful to their dedication to education as a core value. Every network administrator is required to pass tests administered by Microsoft Corporation.