New Design Element for Samsung Galaxy S5

News   •   Jun 02, 2013 07:00 BST

Bounding onto the market after the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the new design influence that will affect the Galaxy 5 – due to be launched next year. The new initiative dubbed Design 3.0 from the Korean manufacturer has been announced as being the most featureful and eye-catching yet! Despite the Galaxy Note 3 coming out later this year, the new Design 3.0 element probably won’t feature on it but will be rolled out in 2014 when the Galaxy S5 is launched.

There have been many meetings in Seoul to discuss the new Design 3.0 initiative and the conclusion was that the look of the SG5 will stand out from the crowd and have positive values. The company is growing at an astonishing rate still, and mostly thanks to the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S3 of 2012 which peaked at over 5 million unit sales every month for the year.

The trendy new Design 3.0 will encompass everything we’ve come to know and love about Samsung’s products, but it will also push forward into the future with design key elements. It will see look and feel like a Samsung but the idea behind it is to be ‘next generation’ rather than a slight design tweak. So, customers will recognise it but it will have longevity and be carried forward for the next few years in that style.

As the Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t be released until around April or May next year, there will be a wait for the influence of Design 3.0, but the reports are that it will be worth it. If you want to see what the Samsung Galaxy S5 looks like then keep coming back to Mobile Phone Checker as we are always first to have information and detail on the new phones. We also compare the best mobile phone deals in the country, so you don’t have to do any of the hard work you just have to pick which smartphone is for you.