New FIFA 13 Game for Android: Real Football 2013

News   •   Oct 15, 2012 07:00 BST

FIFA football games have been omnipresent on games consoles and PCs for almost 20 years now and thanks to the insurgence of smartphones becoming faster, more powerful, having larger screens and being able to cope with clever tech, FIFA 13 is now available on Android, although it’s branded as Real Football 13. This is tremendous news for football lovers the world over as it means you can simply download the app and play your favourite game, in a league or a tournament, anywhere in the world. Thanks to the NFC technology of Samsung Galaxy S3 and the 4G network connections coming soon you could play across the airwaves against your mates too.

Could it be that the smartphone will replace gaming consoles? Well, it remains to be seen but it won’t be long until you can get wireless gaming controllers to connect to your smartphone or your tablet. FIFA 13 or Real Football 13 is going to be available to Android phone owners. This is ideal news for those that have one but if you don’t already then why not check out the latest devices from what is globally known as the best smartphone maker of them all, Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a quad core processor, huge amounts of RAM and internal memory as well as a fantastic Super AMOLED HD screen. It’s 4.8” in size so it’s perfect for playing Real Football 13 on, although you could go one better and grab the Galaxy Note 2, which is 5.5” in size and has pretty much the same spec as the SG3.

While there are other Android phones none come close to the experience and expertise that Samsung does. There are more than 6 million SG3 handsets being shipped every month so you just know that it’s more than good enough for pretty much everyone in the world. Of course, there is going to be a Samsung Galaxy S4 and so on, but for the time being it’s the Galaxy SIII that is reigning supreme, even pushing the Apple iPhone 5 out of the way.

Last year saw 5 million gamers download the app for their smartphone for the 2012 version but it was a bit clunky. Now that we have four processors, more RAM and better screen capabilities, you can expect to play football games without the problems of the last versions. The football players names are all present and correct, which means you can play with 3,000 different players that are play in their football careers to date. It also means that you can play from the top European leagues and Premiership throughout tournaments and championships just like in real life.

There are 700 motion capture animations too so there are fantastic playbacks and techniques to make you smile. There is much better AI and enhancements that will blow your mind. You can also play better and better to buy bigger stadiums, increase the facilities of your stadium and buy new players. Should you want to realise the full potential of Real Football 13 check out the new Samsung Galaxy S3 deals now.