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New Internet Leak Shows The Display Panel From The iPhone 5S

News   •   Jun 23, 2013 23:11 BST

The one smartphone manufacturer not to release a model so far this year is Apple but that is likely to change later in the summer when the new iPhone 5S is tipped to arrive.  It has been reported that a production run on these new handsets has already begun and this is supported by new images that have appeared over the last few days that show the display panel that will feature on the new phone.  

As we edge closer to the third quarter of the year, the period when new iPhone devices are traditionally launched, we are beginning to hear more information about the iPhone 5S.  Over the past few days some new images have hit the web that reportedly show the new Retina Display panel that will be used on this new model.  Mac Rumours have published the snaps that show the screen component set to feature on the model.  The new pictures support the speculation that the 5S will not include a bigger display than the 4 inch screen which featured on last year's iPhone 5 device.  We expect to see more similar snaps arrive over the coming weeks and the fact that these latest photographs have emerged back up claims that production on the device is already underway.  "While the low-resolution images do not immediately reveal any significant changes to the technology behind the device's display, there is one item of interest supporting the claim that the logic board photos from earlier today are genuine" said Mac Rumours about the images published.

Many reports have suggested that the iPhone 5S will not offer anything drastically different from the iPhone 5 in terms of size and design although we are expecting to see a number of new components and features incorporated on the model.  The new screen pictures have yet to be thoroughly analysed by an expert so at this moment in time we do not know if the screen differs in any way from the iPhone 5 panel.  Many consumers had been hoping for a bigger screen to feature on the new model but this looks increasingly unlikely.  Apple are said to be hard at work producing larger display panels but these are set to arrive in 2014 and the iPhone 6 looks set to be the model on which they will debut.  Keep up to date with breaking iPhone 5S tariffs as they are announced.

The iPhone 5S is set to arrive later in the summer and the new pictures published by Mac Rumours help to underline the fact that mass production of this eagerly anticipated device is already underway.