New iPad 4 Will Be Twice as Fast!

News   •   Oct 22, 2012 07:00 BST

The iPad or tablet market in general is growing faster than ever before, and as such we ‘need’ better products that distance them from the smartphone market. At the moment, Samsung has the smartphone market covered with its Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy Note 2 and many more, but Apple want to snatch more of the market with their new iPad. The iPad 4 is said to run on the development A6X chip which will be twice as fast as the current A6. This is incredible news as the A6 was twice as fast as the A5, which was seen in the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Under the body of the new iPad 4 will be a CPU that is twice as fast, incredible graphics performance and more memory to bring it up to the same level as the iPhone 5, if not more. There are talks of the tablet having 10 hours of battery life, which is handy as there’s no fun in recharging your iPad through the day when you want to use it. The FaceTime camera is now 720p, which shows just how much people are using video calls and their tablet to speak to their friends rather than a mobile phone. Dual band WiFi and the Lightning Connector is added, so it’s bang up to date with the iPhone 5 specifications.

Reports are that there will be a 16GB WiFi model as the minimum spec for the public which will weigh in at around £350 and the 3G model will begin at around £450-500. Similar pricing to the iPad 3, then. Of course, it’s going to be available in just black or white and will feature the very latest updates for the iOS6 operating system. The new iPad 4 might upset some people as its being launched so soon after the iPad 3, but with the iPad Mini bringing huge attention it might be a good idea to push the iPad 4 further ahead of the competition.

We’re unsure of when the iPad 4 will make an appearance but if it’s anything like the launch of the iPhone 5 then we are in for a wait. If you cannot wait until then why not look at the Android collection. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is said to be the firm’s most powerful unit and is essentially a very large version of the Galaxy S3. However, there is the HTC One X and the 8X available, or you can try the Google Nexus 7 if you want to start off small in the tablet world.

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