New iPhone 5 Dock Tested

News   •   Oct 03, 2012 07:00 BST

Since the launch of the iPhone 5 on the 21st September 2012, it was never going to be long before we started to see the accessories for the iPhone 5. The new connector makes it incompatible with previous docks, unless you buy an adaptor, but for gadget lovers it’s just an excuse to snap up some more sparkly gadgets.

One of the first iPhone 5 docks available is from Quirky Converge. It’s sleek, white (obviously) and can fit the iPad too. What’s more, the Quirky Converge can recharge your iPhone 5 using its USB port. This is ideal for powering up your device while you listen to music or just have it sat near you looking funky. There are four devices that can be attached the dock so that it will share the power through its 500mA port. So, you can boost your Bluetooth headset, MP3 player, mobile phone and iPad all at the same time. It’s also handy if you lose your gadgets often as you know they will all be connected to the dock. What’s more, with four cables there is a handy organiser system that keeps them all in-line.

The whole unit is 310mm x 100mm x 130mm and shaped like a T. It looks funky, it’s useful and charges four of your gadgets at the same time. It doesn’t even matter if the port is on the side of the gadget, there is plenty of room to recharge the device. It costs just under £40, which isn’t bad, and is the perfect gift for iPhone 5 owners for Christmas. Obviously, and cleverly, Apple has marketed its products well that it’s doubtful that you only have one. Most people have an iPhone, iPad, iPod and whatever else, so the new iPhone 5 dock is perfect to add to your home and keep your Apple products organised.

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