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New iPhone 5 Images Confirm Larger Screen Reports

News   •   Jul 22, 2012 13:35 BST

With the long awaited release of the new iPhone 5 imminent we have become privy to a lot more images on this new handset and rumors are starting to be clarified. As expected the screen will be larger and this is supported by the new images of an engineering sample of the phone which which is in circulation.

There are lots of reports around on the tech websites which talk about the expected 4.08 inch screen on the new iPhone 5 which will have a screen ratio of 16:9. Lots of the engineering of this model has taken place in China, so the images of this sample device which have originated from there can be trusted. These images show us the new design which has an attractive metallic chassis steering away from the original glass design of the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. The size of the new screen and the ratio that it provides will please a wide range of users especially those that like to view video content as there will no longer be the annoying black bars at the top and the bottom of the screen. The extra size of the screen will have extra benefits for users who like to browse the web with their device and for mobile gamers.

The iPhone 5 is going to be taller than the iPhone 4S measuring 122.5mm as opposed to 115.2mm however the width will remain the same. The width is able to remain the same as Apple have made this an almost bezel free device where the new larger screen meets the edge of the body. As we edge closer to the long awaited release of the new iPhone 5 a lot more images and rumors are circulating in the media. This information is becoming a lot more substantial and the images of the engineering sample are backing them up. The iPhone 5 will also have improved software and the processing power will be fantastic thanks to the new iOS6 operating system which will have a massive 200 improvements. The Siri function will perform a lot more tasks along with various other enhancements including a new maps service and Facebook integration.

The exciting release of the new iPhone is expected to be between August and October 2012. The closer that the release becomes the more information that is becoming available. The images that are circulating show us its attractive new design incorporating a larger screen and metallic chassis. The looks are not all that has been improved, there is an impressive new operating system which will provide great speed and around 200 enhancements.

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