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New iPhone 5 Set To Boast New A6 Processor With Quad Cores

News   •   Jul 08, 2012 11:39 BST

We have already witnessed the successful launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and we are set for another major smartphone release very soon. The eagerly awaited iPhone 5 should be with us within the next two months and it looks as though this new model will be sporting a brand new processor which should make the phone one of the fastest available.

When the iPhone 4S was introduced in 2011 it was the first iPhone to feature a dual core processor and the new iPhone 5 looks like being another first as it will boast a brand new quad core processor. Quad core processors feature four individual cores each capable of performing different tasks. This has a positive effect on multi tasking speeds and helping devices to deliver the ultimate user experience. Top names such as Samsung, HTC and LG have all launched devices including this type of chip and it looks like Apple will add their name to this growing list. The new iPhone 5 is set to include a new A6 processor which will be an enhanced version of the renowned Samsung Exynos series 4 chip. The Exynos chipset is one of the leading mobile processors and the technology making its way onto the new iPhone will delight Apple fans everywhere. We expect the processor to be clocked between 1Ghz and 1.2Ghz which will ensure the phone delivers optimum performance.

The new iPhone 5 will sport numerous improvements over previous models and many of these will be thanks to the new iOS 6 operating system used on the phone. This new software is said to include over 200 new features which range from minor tweaks to major changes. One of the big changes will be related to the excellent Siri voice software. This service will be able to perform more tasks than ever before including the launching of applications and the updating of social networking statuses. Another major change will be the new Maps service which is developed by Apple. Google Maps has been used on every other version of the phone but Apple have been hard at work on a service of their owns that will perform the same task but with increased user friendliness. Other big changes are set to include a brand new metallic chassis and a 4 inch Retina Display, the largest screen ever featured on an iPhone device.

The inclusion of Exynos technology on the new A6 processor chip should ensure that the iPhone 5 is the fastest mobile phone on the market. This will delight fans of the phones and also give Apple a very powerful marketing tool. We can expect to see the model launched in September although some reports are suggesting that its release may be as early as August.

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