New iPhone 5s release date and specs

News   •   Apr 09, 2013 07:00 BST

Since the rumors of new Apple iPhone have come out, many anticipated the soon release of the new iPhone version to the public market. There is no concrete announcement yet of the exact launch date, but it is expected to happen on June in the upcoming WWDC. The hearsay however, seemed to be confirmed as days getting nearer to the expected date of release.

Just a few days ago, the release issue was touched and discussed by Gene Munster, managing director and analyst at Piper Fray. In the research note, Munster has predicted that the iPhone 5s will most likely be released on June this year, and additional to that, another iPhone in cheaper cost will follow on September.

However, Munster’s prediction is quite different to the views of Peter Misek of Jefferies and Apple watcher Rene Ritchie. The two believed that the release of the new iPhone will likely to be launched around August or September. In these two different forecasts of the known analysts, no one can really firm up which prediction is more real until the mentioned dates have arrived. But of course, Apple iPhone fanatics would love the expected release to happen as earlier as possible, which in June.

The rumors about the anticipated release date of iPhone 5s also come along with the reported specs. While many have said that the iPhone 5s will not be different from the previous version, others believed that the new iPhone will be totally a new appearance. Also the new iPhone is expected to be more slender in its body and lighter compared to the iPhone 5. There’s also hearsay that these iPhone will be in numerous color schemes. Another report on new iPhone specs, which also considered being the greatest highlight about the upcoming iPhone model -- is the Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 7.

Another interesting rumor about the new iPhone 5s (or maybe iPhone 6) is the report about its enhanced Facetime camera. As the Apple’s competitors are introducing new software for camera systems, it is expected that Apple too, will go along in improving iPhone’s camera setup.

Leaks have also come out that the China manufacturers are already producing test items for the people at Cupertino. It is expected that number of rumors and leaks about iPhone 5s will likely increase as WWDC gets closer. Apple users and fanatics are watching out now for any new updates and reports, as they have been long waiting for the iPhone 5s to be launched on public. Check out the iPhone 5S deals at Mobile Phone Checker once it's released.