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New iPhone Light Renders Give A Realistic Insight Into The Models Design

News   •   Jul 04, 2013 20:06 BST

Apple are set to introduce a selection of new products a little later in the summer and two of these are tipped to be the new iPhone 5S and the more wallet friendly iPhone Light.  We have seen several leaked images of the new Light model appear online recently and now some fans have created realistic looking renders of how the model will look.

The new renders that have been created by Apple follower have given us the clearest indication yet about what the new iPhone Light is set to look like.  Over the past few week we have seen a succession of leaked images hit the web that show various elements of the new model including various coloured back panels.  None of these pictures have given us an overview of the entire model however so this is why these latest renders are very interesting.  The pictures are in very high resolution and seem to incorporate all of the features that we have seen within the various leaks.  This includes the numerous different coloured back panels and the new renders include models sporting various colours including blue, red, yellow and green.  It is expected that we will get a proper idea what the phone will look like when it is released alongside the iPhone 5S later in the year.  Check us out for the latest iPhone 5S news

There is no confirmed information about the iPhone Light at present but various insider sources have given us an idea about what to expect from the new model.  The handset is set to feature a plastic body as compared to the metallic design that will be featured on the iPhone 5S.  This material is cheaper to manufacture and therefore will help Apple keep the cost to the consumer to a minimum.  In terms of physical dimensions the phone is also tipped to be both slightly deeper and wider than the 5S.  The iPhone 5S itself is rumoured to be identical in size to the current iPhone 5.  The two models will have one thing in common however which is the screen size.  Both devices are said to incorporate a 4 inch display which will come as a blow to many fans who were hoping to see the arrival of an iPhone with a larger screen.  Apple 5S UK packages avaialble here

In September we should get a clearer picture about how the iPhone Light will look when it is officially unveiled along with the new flagship iPhone 5S model.