New iPhones to Made From Glass?

News   •   Mar 28, 2012 17:00 BST

As the smartphone war of patents rages on, mainly between Apple, Blackberry and Samsung, the latest patent to be filed by Apple is the all-glass smartphone. At the moment, the iPhone 4 and 4S are made from two pieces of glass bonded to a steel cage, which gives it that stunning appeal that all iPhone owners love. No more scratchy-plastic phones, the consumers obviously want a smooth, slippery shape that is weighty, scratch resistant and looks modern and smart.

There would be little difference if the patent goes ahead, bar a little extra weight to the phone, but more importantly it would seem like a tablet of glass that would add extra appeal and style. Reports are that it would be made from a one-piece hollow tube or two pieces of glass bonded together. From a design and usability point of view, being all glass and hermetically sealed, the new iPhone would therefore be totally water-proof; a subject that plagues many mobile phone users and sparks war between mobile phone insurance companies.

Glass is also radio transparent so the reception and signal from new iPhones onwards would be far improved not to mention it would lift the overall appeal from looking just that little extra special. It would be tough, stiff and strong. There is still a problem of charging and a lack of ports if the new iPhones would be made totally from glass and still keep it being waterproof but with patent applications taking many years for such a big product in the marketplace and many companies will no doubt want throw hurdles in Apple’s way, those problems will most likely be thought of during the time anyway, such as wireless charging or feeding from another power source in a similar way the Samsung Galaxy S3 is said to charge.

The new iPhone 5 is rumoured to be made from glass completely, but Apple will have to try and push the patent through faster as the release date is set to be the end of 2012 or sooner. With tests and trials still going on for the new iPhone, it’s said that Liquipel has been used to make the glass smartphone waterproof, which is a repellent coating as well as having specially-sealed edges. Although it’s controversial, having a glass gadget on your side at all times, it does show that Apple are trying to combat the signalling problems that blight many iPhone users in the UK and around the world. The supreme smartphone that still maintains top rankings amongst other smartphone sales isn’t free from any shortcomings and hopefully with a new design that allows for better radio signals it will help iPhone owners have better coverage and quality of signal.

Maybe the iPhone 5 will simply be an enhanced iteration of the 4S, but reports are already being rumoured about it having much more technology and will pave yet another new path for future smartphones. The all-glass case is just another trick up Apple’s sleeve.