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New Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Pictures Show An Eye Catching Design

News   •   Jun 30, 2013 19:17 BST

For much of this year mobile new has been dominated by Samsung.  First we had the launch of the immensely popular Galaxy S4 then several variants of this model were introduced.  Now we are seeing attention switch to another forthcoming model in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  This handset is not due to be released until later this year but over the past few days we have seen leaked images emerge that give us some clues about the handsets design.

This new image to hit the internet was posted on the popular social networking site Twitter and it is one of the first pictures that we have seen emerge of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  The model is the successor to the very popular Galaxy Note 2 handset and the new picture is slightly teasing as it only shows a very small proportion of the top corner of the phone.  It is clear to see from this small area however that the design of the phone is almost bezel free meaning the screen practically touches the very edges of the chassis.  It is also apparent that Samsung have changed the design of the phone and that the new model sports a more angular design than the rather curvy Galaxy Note 2.

A post that has accompanied the latest image suggests that earlier rumours about the size of the screen on the phone are indeed correct.  it has been suggested that the handset will sport a 5.9 inch display and the post reveals that the overall measurement of the handsets body is 6 inches and that the screen accounts for around 84 per cent of the fascia.  This would make the screen somewhere around the rumoured size.  The model is set to be unveiled at IFA 2013 in Berlin during September and feature a 13 megapixel camera and a powerful quad core processing chip.  See how new GalaxyNote 3 tariffs compare

We are sure to see more news emerge on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 over the coming weeks but from this leaked picture it appears that the model will be boasting an attractive almost bezel-less design.