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New Maps Service To Feature On The Anticipated iPhone 5

News   •   May 19, 2012 18:35 BST

We have recently witnessed the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and it will not be long before we see the new iPhone 5 from Apple unveiled. These two handsets are the two heavyweights in the smartphone world and many people are keen to see what the new Apple device will offer to help it compete with the impressive new S3. Apple have revealed that there will be a change on there new iOS6 operating system that will help them distance themselves from other devices like the S3 that use Android software.

Since the iOS platform was introduced on the very first iPhone the operating system has always relied on the Google Maps service to provide users with location based services and navigational tools. Google are obviously the company who produce the popular Android software, the main rival to Apple's own operating system. In a bid to distance themselves from their competitors Apple are set to include a brand new maps service on the iOS6 operating system which will feature on the new iPhone 5. Although this change has not been officially confirmed it is likely to be revealed at the Apple developers conference which will be held in June. This new service will be developed by Apple but consumers are unlikely to notice much of a difference as the software will work in the same manner.

There are also likely to be numerous other changes to the iOS6 platform for the new iPhone 5. One major change will be to the Siri voice recognition system that was launched with the iPhone 4S. It is rumoured that the new platform will feature Siri API which will enable application developers to produce new apps for the phone that can make use of the Siri software. At the moment Siri only works with applications that are native to the handset but on the iPhone 5 the voice recognition service will potentially be able to interact with thousands of additional applications. This means that users could control games and trade stocks with their voice and also use Siri to control things such as automated home lighting systems. This change will certainly enhance the appeal of Siri which although is very impressive is still often underused. There are also rumours that Apple will use the June conference to launch Siri for the iPad tablet device. AT this moment in time the service is restricted to the iPhone 4S and the forthcoming iPhone 5.

It looks as though Apple will be changing more than the design of the new iPhone 5. In a bid to make there product stand out from the competition some big changes are set to happen to the iOS operating platform. A new maps services will be featured but many consumers will be more interested in the Siri updates, especially the possibility of it working with additional applications.

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