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New Pictures Emerge Of iPhone 5S Batteries On The Production Line

News   •   Jun 30, 2013 08:58 BST

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next generation smartphone from the company.  This model is rumoured to be the iPhone 5S and reports suggest that the model will be released at some point during the third quarter of the year.  We have not had any official confirmation from Apple about this phone but production of the device is reported to have already begun.  This is supported by a series of leaked images showing the phone in production and a new snap has emerged which pictures the new batteries that are set to be featured on the phone.

Over the past fortnight a number of reports have emerged that claim that Apple's next generation flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S, is currently in production.  These claims have been backed up by a number of images that have emerged and another has now been released which further suggests that the claims are indeed correct.  The new image shows trays of the new battery that is set to be featured on the device on the production line.  The snap has been published by Frenach news site and is believed to have come direct from one of Apple's manufacturing partners in China.  Looking closely at the image the batteries pictured are unmarked so we cannot ascertain capacities and part numbers but this information is likely to emerge soon.  The publication of these snaps along with the others that we have seen recently adds weight to the rumours of the new model having entered the production phase.

The new snaps which have emerged over the weekend were accompanied by a post which explained that the batteries in the picture were no different in physical size from those found on the best selling iPhone 5 handset.  This story differs from an earlier report s that the new battery would not only be larger in capacity but also be physically bigger.  Once Apple officially confirm the new device we will know for sure the exact specific of all elements of this exciting phone.  If indeed the model is set to be released soon do not be surprised if we begin to hear more news on the specification of the phone from various sources.  As with other major handsets launched this year the closer we edge to a release the more details that make it into the public domain.  Uncover the best iPhone5S packages as they are announced

The iPhone 5S should arrive over the coming weeks and new pictures of the phone in production suggest that we will not have to wait long until the model hits the shelves.