New Release Date For Samsung Galaxy S5

News   •   Dec 09, 2013 07:06 GMT

Leaks and rumors about that smartphone are already in abundant supply, even though we're sometime from a Samsung Galaxy S5 start. Recently there has been reports suggesting mass-production will begin sooner than usual. Nevertheless, that's now in question with statements of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Q2 release and perhaps not Q1. 

The Galaxy S4 launch date continues to be the topic of conversation for a while and a little while straight back there were reports the phone might start sooner than expected, as soon as January actually. Recently Korean reports stated that the telephone would begin being mass-produced in January ready to get a release. 

There’s a fascinating choice of words here also as Murtazin employs the words “launch date.” 
It is a little unclear before it’s actually released as often a ‘launch’ can make reference to the state unveiling of the system a while. Nevertheless, often ‘launch’ can be used within the same framework as ‘release.’ Ergo Murtazin’s claim might mean the Galaxy S5 may release in late April or might not release until sometime next. 

Let us know if you'd be interested in a Samsung Galaxy S5 once it's released.