Oslo Lufthavn

New roof takes shape

News   •   Jan 29, 2014 11:24 GMT

The expansion of Oslo Airport reaches a new milestone this week when the first laminated wooden beams for the new departures and arrivals hall in the west central building are hoisted into place.

The work on the roof marks that the construction of the west central building has reached a new and important phase. With most of the concrete and ground work now completed, work will start on closing the building shell.

"This is an important milestone for the expansion project and in June the roof of the new departures and arrivals hall will be done. The entire building shell is scheduled to be closed in late autumn this year," says Thorgeir Landevaag, head of T2 Operations Coordination.

A total of seven laminated wooden beams will be lifted into place to hold the weight of the roof. Each laminated wooden beam is about ninety meters long, four meters high and weighs about 170 tons. The beams consist of three parts assembled into complete beam lengths on site, which are then lifted into place using large cranes.

The same architecture
It is important to note that the existing architectural design will also be represented in the new departure and arrival hall.

"The laminated wood beams being hoisted into place are similar to those which are clearly visible in the existing departure hall, says Landevaag.

The actual installation of laminated beams is a complicated process that requires sound planning and involves a lot of people. A total of forty persons are involved in the process and it is estimated that the entire roof will be in place in June.