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New Software Update For The Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaks

News   •   Jun 03, 2013 07:16 BST

Across the globe we have seen the Samsung Galaxy S3 achieve some impressive sales figures and despite the release of the new Galaxy S4, the device has continued to be popular with consumers. There is a new Android update which is soon to become available that one tech site has managed to get their hands on. It seems that although there have been many changes made, there are also some key features missing which consumers may have been hoping for.

SamMobile have managed to get their hands on the new update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 despite it not yet being available to the public. This new update upgrades the operating system to version 4.2.2 of the Android platform and many would expect it to also include all of the elements that are currently found on the platform. With the update users will be able to take advantage of features such as Daydream support and new Lockscreen widgets as well as new expanding notifications. Samsung are hoping to improve the functionality of the device by including some of their own additional elements. The Korean manufacturer has included some improvements to the Notifications system and have also incorporated animated lockscreens. It is the improvements that have been made to Notifications which are arguably the most impressive. Users can easily activate certain aspects of the phone including NFC and S Beam thanks to the toggles that are now present. SamMobile do not have the finished version of this update as Samsung are still in the development stages.   Click here for more Samsung Galaxy S3 News

Many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 may be disappointed that there are some features which are not present that are on the new Samsung Galaxy S4. The S4 is an attractive device thanks to the features that the device offers and many consumers have been looking forward to an update which would bring with it the inclusion of said features. Smart Stay, Smart Rotation and Smart View which can all be found on the S4 have impressed consumers and even though the S3 does include a front facing camera these features are not included on the update.  The S3 features older sensors and the omission of such features could be down to this or the fact that Samsung would like their flagship device to have some exclusive elements.  Check out the best Samsung Galaxy S3 EE packages here

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will soon be getting an update in the form of Android 4.2.2 which brings with is some impressive features, however users may be left disappointed that not all of the features that are found on the S4 are included.