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New Spiderman And Batman Games Impress On The HTC One X

News   •   Aug 09, 2012 20:22 BST

July and August are traditionally months where we see some big name movie releases hit the big screen and smartphone users can enjoy some excellent spin offs from these titles. We have a look at the Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman, two great new games for the HTC One X.

Last year we saw another Batman title, Arkam Asylum launched for smartphones and the title is widely regarded as one of the best mobile games around. The new Dark Knight Rises game for the HTC One X closely follows the path set by this game and throws in a few new features for good measure. The result is a really excellent game. TDKR boasts some very impressive graphics which instantly make the game stand out. The Batman character looks superb and much detail has been put into this character. As you navigate the hero around the city you see his cape flowing in the wind which looks great. Gotham city itself is also worth a mention as the game perfectly captures the dark feel that the movie portrays. Users have to utilise a combination of stealth, combat and exploration to complete missions and the free roam nature of the levels let you decide the route you want to take rather than having to take a predetermined path.

The Amazing Spiderman for the HTC One X is a great example of just how good a mobile game can be. The thing that really stands out about this game is the excellent 3D graphics which makes the levels practically come alive as you negotiate your way around them. This game sports improved combat sequences over previous Spiderman titles. Users can opt to either use the superb new distance attacks or opt to melee with various combinations available that help you to pull of some visually stunning moves. In total there are 25 different missions to complete on the game and scattered across each of these missions is a series of power ups and boosts that help to enhance certain areas of your characters statistics. The game plays superbly and the sheer variety makes the game continually interesting, whether you chose to swing around the levels or opt to complete them on foot.

These two new games for the HTC One X are both superb and show just how good some titles look on this great new device. The awesome processing power of this phone coupled with the large screen make it the perfect platform for a multitude of mobile games.

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